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IDP-BLUE RELAY (Bluetooth Series)                                                                         

> Bluetooth relay Board
> Controllable by  smartphone and  tablet
> Free Android Software
> 4 power relays: 10A 250Vac
> Bistable and Monostable Mode
> Pulse duration: 1...6550s (Monostable)
> Board power supply 12V (max. 250mA)
> Relays status retention in NVRAM
> Automatic relay status reading via software
> Free Android software
> English and Italian language support
> PIN code security up to 9 digits
> Small dimension: 83.6x69.2x19.5 mm
> Low cost
The BLUE RELAY is a 4 relay board, it can be remotely controlled via bluetooth using Android tablets or smartphones (Free APP). The BLUE RELAY does not need any driver and the pairing with the host is simple and straightforward.

The control unit has non-volatile memory that allows the maintenance of the relay settings even in the absence of power. For example if the supply voltage is removed and then restored, the relays will be positioned automatically as they were set prior to the loss of power.

The operation of the control unit is self contained and does not require a bluetooth connection always active. The bluetooth connection is only meant to set the state of the relays and may be discontinued at any time without stopping the operation of the device.

The device is equipped with 4 power relays (SPDT type)  that allow great flexibility in the control of loads. The relay status is detected and updated automatically by the software. The relays can be set in bistable (ON/OFF) or monostable (Pulse) mode. In monostable mode, the pulse duration can be set from 1 to 6550 seconds.

The control of the unit is extremely easy thanks to our Android APP, available for free for smartphones and tablets. Our Android APP can manage an unlimited numer of BLUE RELAY boards infact each BLUE RELAY has a univocal ID. The user can password protect each Board with a PIN Code (up to 9 digits).
Main Features of  BLUE RELAY board (Model IDP-1204R):
IDP-BLUE RELAY Description Value Note
V(in) Power supply voltage 10V ... 14V 12V (typ)
I(in) max Max. input current 250mA (max) @ 12V board
Iac(relè) max Max. current per relay (AC) 10A @ 250Vac Resistive load: Cos(Ø) = 1
Idc(relè) max Max. current per relay (DC) 10A @ 24Vdc Resistive load: Cos(Ø) = 1
Ta Working Temperature -20°C...+50°C Ambient Temperature
Bluetooth Version v2.0 + EDR compatible from 1.1 +
BT(speed) Communication speed 115200bps Bluetooth
BT(sens) Sensibility RX -80dB (typ) -96dB(max) 0.1% BER
BT(Tx) Power TX 2dBm (typ) 4dBm (max) Class2
Dim Dimensions 83.6mm x 69.2mm x 19.5mm Total size
Below are some screenshots of our software for Android. The program requires a smartphone or tablet with bluetooth connection.
The program allows to set the switching status of the 4 relays and allows to assign a descriptive label for each of them . If necessary each relay can be set in pulse mode (1...6550 seconds). The operator also has the option to set a security PIN for the Bluetooth connection. The program also takes care to show in real time the status (ON/OFF) of the relays, thus allowing the operator to know at any time the real status position for each of them without looking at the LED status reported on the board. The program supports english and italian.
We have ability to develop specific applications for the Windows environment.
Freely download the Android App:
Always updated in our website.
Android APP
BT Relay Tablet or Smartphone
BTRelay Dimension
User Manual BLUE RELAY (ENG)
PRICE: 79.00 euro
(ask for quantities)