IDP-BLUEDIMMER (Bluetooth Series)                                                                         

> Bluetooth dimmer module
> Controlled by PC, smartphone, tablet
> Android and Windows Software 
> 6 Independent dimming channels
> 6 Pre loaded light programs
> Input voltage from 6V to 30V
> Total output current up to 12A

> Storage of all parameters in NVRAM
> Storage of 64 light scenes
> Pin code protection with up to 9 digits
> Possibility of DIN guide lock
> Small size: 83x59x21 mm
> Low cost
DEVICE PROTECTED BY PATENT: INDEP SRL has developed and filed a patent for this device to protect from copying and counterfeiting.
The BLUEDIMMER module is a 6-channel dimmer remotely controlled via bluetooth through PC, tablet or smartphone.

The device allows the use of 6 pre-loaded Light Programs (that implement light games of various kinds) and the use as a normal dimmer with immediate light adjustment. In this case, the user can adjust the brightness in real time and save the light configurations into 64 memories (light scenes). These light scenes can be re called or modified in any moment by the user.

The BLUEDIMMER can control a wide range of loads such as monochromatic or RGB LED strips, LED modules, filament lamps, halogen lamps, etc. The installation is quick and easy like the pairing of a bluetooth mouse or headset. You do not need to install any software driver.

To ensure a secure access, the unit is equipped with a PIN code that the operator can set and change at any time in order to avoid the use of the BLUEDIMMER to unauthorized people.

Another particular feature of BLUEDIMMER is the voltage reading at the POWER input terminals: this in order to facilitate the verification of the appropriate voltage to send to loads regardless of any voltage drop on the power cable.
Main features of the six channels BLUEDIMMER module (Model IDP-106C):
IDP-BLUEDIMMER Description Value Note
V(in) Power supply voltage 6V...30V POWER Terminals
I(in) max Max. total input current 12A (max) POWER Terminals
I(out) max Max. output current per CH 4A (max) for each Ch CH1...CH6
F(pwm) Pwm Frequency 1KHz CH1...CH6
Duty-cycle Luminous dimming 0% ... 100% CH1...CH6
Ta Working Temperature -20°C...+40°C Ambient Temperature
NVRAM Not volatile RAM 64 Scene memories 64 sextuple (384 PWM values)
Progs Light games (Light Prgs.) 6 Programs Up to 1024 Program steps
Bluetooth Version v2.0 + EDR compatible from 1.1 +
BT(speed) Speed 115200bps Bluetooth
BT(sens) RX Sensibility -80dB (typ) -96dB(max) 0.1% BER
BT(Tx) TX Power 2dBm (typ) 4dBm (max) Class2
Dim Dimensions 82.8mm x 58.8mm x 20.8mm Case dimension
Here are some screenshots of our software for android. The program requires a smartphone or tablet with a Bluetooth connection.
The program allows you to set the 6 output channels and store up to 64 different light configurations (light scenes) in a non-volatile memory. The operator also has the ability to launch one of the 6 pre loaded programs stored in the module. The user can also set a security PIN code for the Bluetooth connection and read in real time the supply voltage at the input of the device.
ANDROID SOFTWARE (Available in English)
Here are some examples of programs designed for our customers. The dimmer can be used with any PC with bluetooth and Windows operating system.
The Android software comes free with the dimmer.
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