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INDEP have been always self committed to opto-electronic and electronic design: laser equipment, vision systems, data acquisition, measurement. Some products have been customized for the end customers, whereas other products are available on stock (please refer to “Products” section).
Besides reporting a brief description of some projects, we will also list the typical field of application: scientific, race or industry. Not all devices reported herewith belong to INDEP catalog since they are unique specimens due to their characteristics; furthermore, other products have been exclusively designed for our customers who hold the copyrights to disclose the technical specifications.
Laser modulator with pulse duration from 100ps to 10ns. Programmable duration with steps of 1ps. Maximum pulse frequency is 10MHz.

Linear sensor with 1024 pixels, with networking features via RS422. Built-in memory buffer, with maximum capacity of 128 consecutive frames to be saved on board.
CMOS global shutter camera sensor: instantaneously grabbing all pixels at the same instant. Suitable for high resolution image acquisition of high speed moving objects.

Linear sensor with 2048 pixels maximum frame rate 500 fps. With laser controller on-board. Communication via RS232.

INDEP develops measure systems with linear or matrix sensors of different kind. Together with these devices, INDEP develops laser pointers and illuminators. We also develop a series of laser drivers with continuous wave or pulsed wave altogether with a series of high gain and low noise optical amplifiers. Some our valued customers: Aprilia Racing and INAF (National Institute for Astrophysics).
Do not hesitate in contacting us to get further information regarding any product or project. We can realize specific projects from scratch or customize already existing products in order to fulfil any of your needs.
There products are thoroughly designed, developed and manufactured in ITALY by INDEP SRL. All the rights are reserved. No licenses to patents or other intellectual property of INDEP SRL are provided directly or indirectly by the Company in connection with the sale.

Linear CCD Camera with 5150 pixels on usb2.0 bus. Speed up to 1000 frames per secondo. Lot of I/O inside: Optocoupled inputs,  differential encoder inputs, differencial I/O, photomos switches, NTC, Luxmeter. Direct  connection with IDP-TR Series.
Linescan camera with 2080 pixel and USB2.0 bus. Up to 1000 frames per second with 10bit  pixel deep. This camera is bus powered and accepts auto or external trigger. The device has a digital output to synchronize other cameras.