INDEP S.R.L. is a young company working in the field of contact and non-contact measurement systems, in the field of sensing, in the field of vision and lighting systems, in the field of industial and home automation.

The realization of our devices mainly employs opto-electronic technologies and machine vision. Electronic design involves both analogue and digital domain; it allows the development of products with wide range of complexity in all those sectors where measurement and reliability are a must. INDEP, thanks to the experience grown along years with devices such as CMOS, CCD, PSD, APD, Laser, Led, etc. can offer off-the-shelf products and custom solutions.

The company invests most of the income in the R&D, deeply trusting that research and innovation are the best fuel for the productive engine and the most important strength for being on the market. What we say is endorsed by the fact that the INDEP S.R.L. holds various PATENTS.

INDEP is partner of important Industries and Scientific bodies in Italy, supplying products and developing prototypes sometimes unique. The field of activity are mostly four:

> Scientific (INAF - National Institute for Astrophysics)
> Race (
Aprilia Racing)
> Industry (Measurement and control systems)
> Civil (Lighting and home automation)

In the Scientific field INDEP S.R.L. holds partnerships with important base research centres at national level for designing and supplying advanced measurement systems with laser and vision technologies. At the moment, these systems are employed in applied physics and radio-astronomy.

In the Race field, INDEP S.R.L. supplies measurement and acquisition electronics for racing motorbikes: for instance acquisition data system over Can Bus and portable systems for data acquisition and processing.

Then in the Industry field, besides design and produce data acquisition boards both analogue and digital, INDEP S.R.L. developed LED lighting systems and strobes both portable and fixed that can reach extremely high pulse frequencies and optical power; they can also be connected to vision systems.

In the domestic field INDEP S.R.L. develops boards for LED lighting and a wide variety of lighting control systems, such as dimmers with bluetooth control or network dimmers controlled localy or remotely from a PC or mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones.
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